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        Highly Integrated In-Vehicle InfotainmentSoC


        AC8227L is a highly integrated automotivecomputing platform incorporating application processing and connectivity subsystems.

        The chip integrates a Quad-core ARM?Cortex-A7 MPCoreTM operating up to 1.3GHz and a powerful multi-standard videoaccelerator.

        The AC8227L interfaces to NAND flashmemory, DDR3 and DDR3L for optimal performance and includes four wireless connectivityfunctions,WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, and FM receiver.

        ? Quad-core ARM? Cortex-A7 operating at 1.3GHz andsupport NEON multimedia processing engine with SIMDv2/VFPv4 ISA .
        ? Support ARM? TrustZone? Security
        ? Supports DDR3/L up to 2GB, 32-bit data bus width
        ? USB2.0 high-speed dual mode supporting 8 Tx and8 Rx endpoints
        ? NAND flash controller supporting NAND bootable,iNAND2? and MoviNAND
        ? 4 UARTs for external devices and debugginginterfaces
        ? SPI master for external devices
        ? 3 I2C to control peripheral devices
        ? 3 sets of memory card controller supportingSD/SDHC/MMC and SDIO2.0/3.0 protocols
        ? Includes four wireless connectivity functions,WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, and FM receiver.

        ? Support OpenGL ES1.1/2.0 and Mali 450 Quad Core

        Support OpenVG 1.1 vector graphic accelerator
        Rich multimedia decoder and encoder support
        One MIPI DSI interface (4 data lanes)
        ? LVDS Tx single link(up to 1280*800)
        Support CVBS in and CVBS out

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