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              AP SoC Connectivity 新產品
              Highly Integrated In-Vehicle Infotainment SoC
              MT3360 is the world’s first In-Vehicle Infotainment chip integrated DVD decoder.
              It’s highly integration of DVD decoder, ARM11 CPU system, Mali 400 GPU, 3 Audio DSP processors, dual display systems, Full HD Video decoder and is delivered in advanced 40nm processing technology creating universal platforms that deliver more stable and powerful performance at the most competitive price.
              ? DVD/CD Integration
              ? ARM11 up to 800MHz and ARM9 up to 400MHz
              ? OPGL ES 2.0
              ? H.264/ MPEG-4/ RMVB/ VP6/MPEG-2/AVS/VC-1
              ? CVBS In/ CCIR 656/601/ Video switch
              ? 5.1 channel for front / stereo for rear
              ? SPIDF out / I2S out
              ? PCM audio playback
              ? Dual channel Display
              ? TV Decoder
              ? Touch Screen Controller
              Copyright ? 2019 合肥杰發科技有限公司. All Rights Reserved. 備案號:皖ICP備14001966號-1  皖公網安備:34019202000698
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